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Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Dining Options

Apart from the adventurous rides and attractions, Warner Bros Abu Dhabi also offers a plethora of dining options for visitors. From window pick-up service to a complete service sit and dine restaurant, you will get anything and everything to satisfy your hunger at the park. The dining experience becomes more enjoyable when your favorite Warner Bros cartoon characters stop by you as you dine.

Know about Warner Bros Abu Dhabi which is consists of innumerable themed restaurants that provide a premier location for entertainment, leisure, and endless servings of fun. If you have a large appetite, you can grab the signature Bronto Burger from the Bronto Burger and Ribs or catch on the hamburgers and shakes in the Big Belly Burger. The pink fluffy sugar clouds at the Penelope Pitstop Cotton Candy are another show-stopper among both kids and adults.

People who generally have a sweet tooth and always look here and there to grab a bite of something sugary can head straight to the ACME Commissary or Huckleberry Hound Pies. You can taste the steaks and lamb chops at The Starlight and relish the classic Art Deco Hollywood theatrical interior.

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bronto burger.avif
Bronto Burger and Ribs

If you have a Dino-sized appetite and want to savor something delicious, you should visit Bronto Burger and Ribs and take a bite out of Bedrock. This restaurant offers a quick dining service facility to all its guests, thereby offering the signature Bronto Burger, slabs of ribs, and a lot more. Among the other Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants, this restaurant allows you to sit in a row of prehistoric cars or pause for a photo session and have your dinner.

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acme commissary.avif
ACME Commissary

ACME Commissary is one of the highly renowned restaurants in Warner Bros that took inspiration from the legendary ACME Corporation and all its peculiar inventions. From the main course to sweet treats, you can select from a delectable range of shawarma, pizzas, manakish, and empanadas, and not to forget, the sweet dish. This restaurant serves up a complete plate of wackiness with every delightful meal. If you are enjoying yourself along with your favorite cartoon characters at the Cartoon Junction, ACME Commissary should be your ideal dining spot.

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big belly burger.webp
Big Belly Burger

After having tremendous fun under the gleaming landscape of the iconic city of the Metropolis, Big Belly Burger should be your ideal dining spot. This restaurant serves people with a big belly appetite to satisfy their hunger. You can enjoy the taste of fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, shakes, and much more in this restaurant. This crowded Metropolis diner has a unique style that expects classic diner fixings with a Metropolis twist. You will find authentic memorabilia, an indulgent Super Hero fit menu and well-constructed Daily Planet headlines.

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The Starlight.jpg
The Starlight

The Warner Bros Plaza let the visitors meander over the streets and choose to eat at The Starlight. It is one of the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants that take you back in time into the 1930s Golden Age where you feel like a celebrity. The design of this complete service family restaurant draws inspiration from the classic Art Deco Hollywood theater, hence making you feel that you are right in Hollywood. The Starlight restaurant in Warner Bros Plaza serves a vast variety of menus, which includes lamb chops, steaks, skewers, sides, and lip-smacking cheesecake desserts.

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Ace O’ Clubs.avif
Ace O’ Clubs

Ace O’ Clubs is another one of the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants in the land of Metropolis. This restaurant is owned and managed by Bo ‘Bibbo’ Bibbowski, who is a loyal supporter of the Man of Steel. It is an Indian quick-service restaurant that features an outdoor seating area with gorgeous views of the downtown Metropolis. The walls of this restaurant are embellished with collectibles and memorabilia. On the contrary, the menu offers flavors from different parts of the world with a remarkable variety of dishes and cuisines that are suitable for any SuperHero.

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gotham city.jpg
Gotham City's Finest

Gotham City’s Finest is a favorite dine-in facility for a healthy meal in the land of Gotham City. If you are a person who is very conscious about your food and want to have a healthy meal after a tiring playful day at the theme park. Gotham City’s Finest should be your ideal destination. It is a self-service restaurant where you can create your own sandwich or salad loaded with your favorite ingredients.

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Hollywood Trattoria.jpg
Hollywood Trattoria

Among the other restaurants in Warner Bros, Hollywood Trattoria is another one in the land of Warner Bros Plaza. This modern-day hangout place offers fast and freeflow service and delicious Italian food in an upscale atmosphere. The Hollywood Trattoria also provides traditional hospitality in alignment with the classic Hollywood style. When you walk into the restaurant, you will find the autographed caricatures and stills of your favorite Warner Bros stars. You can also select from a delicious range of menus that includes pizzas, pasta, salads, and the Italian cannoli for dessert.

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Celebrity Scoop

Celebrity Scoop is yet another one of the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants in the Warner Bros Plaza. This restaurant will definitely take you back in time to Hollywood's golden age at the classic American soda shop. It is embellished with authentic styling that features mosaic ceramic floor tiles, character lighting, and marble counters and tabletops. In the Warner Bros Plaza, Celebrity Scoop offers tasty treats that include hot dogs, malts, milkshakes, sundaes, and pita sandwiches. If you are in a hurry, go to the walk-up window to avail of the treats.

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Mammoth Munchies

If you are having a fun time at the Bedrock and are feeling hungry, you should pay a visit to the Mammoth Munchies. It is a restaurant in Warner Bros Abu Dhabi for people who have an enormous appetite like a mammoth and want to have a snack. This restaurant offers a plethora of prehistoric offerings, including the tempting range of Bedrock Celebrity Shakes. Some of the favorite shakes that are loved by the tourists of Mammoth Munchies are Gary Granite, Stoney Curtis, and Arnold Palmrock, along with an array of gourmet stone-age popcorns.

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Huckleberry Hound Pies

Huckleberry Hound Pies in the Cartoon Junction Food Fairs is one of the restaurants in Warner Bros that offers a delicious range of pastry treats. In this restaurant, you will get anything and everything to satisfy the sweet tooth of the kids and adults alike. Some of the things offered in Huckleberry Hound Pies include different kinds of sweets, fruit pies, and a plethora of other tasty goodies.

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Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Ice Cream

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Ice Cream is yet another one of the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants in the Cartoon Junction Food Fair. You can treat yourself to sorbet, ice cream, cookie, or slushy at the handy snack shop of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Ice Cream. Thus, the snack shop has everything to keep your hunger for delicious ice cream at bay.

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cotton candy.jpg
Penelope Pitstop Cotton Candy

Penelope Pitstop Cotton Candy in the Land of Cartoon Junction is another sweet treat for visitors of Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. In the Penelope Pitstop Cotton Candy, you will discover pink fluffy clouds made out of sugar and much more. This cotton sugar candy is not only famous among kids, but adults also savor the taste of it. The restaurant also serves delicious sweets that would make your day more enjoyable. If you are fond of sweets, then the Penelope Pitstop Cotton Candy is your place to be.

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Hall of Doom.jpg
Hall of Doom

Another one on the list of Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants is Hall of Doom situated in the land of Gotham City. The Hall of Doom is an abandoned subway station that allows you to choose from a variety of tempting cuisines from different parts of the world. All the dishes in the Hall of Doom are particularly selected by the most feared Super-Villains of Gotham City. Upon your visit to this restaurant, you can expect to see an interior reminiscent of luxurious train stations hosting a plethora of guilty pleasures, like deluxe meals and lip-smacking beverages.

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ice scream truck.jpg
Mr. Freeze Ice Scream Truck

Mr. Freeze Ice Scream Truck is yet another one of the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants that offer sub-zero sweets in the center of Gotham City. If you move towards the industrial zone of Gotham City, you need to beware of the most chilling villain of the city, which is renowned for delivering the brain freeze. It is the name of the ice cream that is too chilled to freeze your brain upon eating. The exteriors of the restaurant resemble the look of a roving battle tank for a criminal mastermind, but the interiors are more on the edge of soft serve.

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Jitters Coffee and Snacks
Jitters Coffee and Snacks

If you are wandering in the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi and looking for a pick-up food service in the Metropolis, Jitters Coffee and Snacks is the ideal one. You can stroll along the area and visit this walk-up refreshment window for different varieties of snacks and coffee. The favorite of all is the drink mixes created by Booster Gold, a handsome time-traveling SuperHero, who emerged from the time of the 25th century to offer the visitors of Jitters Coffee and Snacks his remarkably

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What is Warner Bros best known for?

Warner Bros. theme park is popularly recognised for offering thrilling and adventurous rides to their visitors. With over 27 rides and attractions, one can spend a whole day here filled with entertainment and fun. There are various themed zones based on popular Warner Studious creations, that are famous for rides as well as photography.

How many restaurants are there at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi has about 16 restaurants or food outlets, with the ACME Commissary being the most famous. From pizzas and pastries, you will get a chance to savor everything in these restaurants after having fun at the theme park. You can either try lamb chops and steaks in the Starlight restaurant or order sherbet, ice cream, and slushies from The Cartoon Junction.

How should I dress while visiting Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi?

There is no special dress code while visiting Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi. However, you should wear light clothing and comfortable shoes as everything will be indoors. The women are also requested to dress appropriately for the adventure and fun in the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi.

How many rides are there at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

There are about 29 rides at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. Out of these, six rides are regarded as thrill rides, seven rides are only for the kids, and eight rides can be relished by the entire family. Each of these rides ensures safety with entertainment, thereby providing an abundance of options for adults, kids, and families.

How far is Ferrari World from Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World is located around 1.7 kilometers away from Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. It will take you only 4 minutes to reach your final destination by car via Al Athari Street. You can also board the bus or go on foot, but it will take you more time than the car to reach there.

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